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What are DTP's values?

The Dayton TEA Party (DTP) core values are: (1) Protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law; (2) Promoting limited, effective, and transparent local, state, and federal governments; (3) Promoting personal and governmental fiscal responsibility; (4) Promoting the free market system; and (5) Assuring the integrity, transparency, and accountability of all appointed and elected government officials.

What is the DTP?

The DTP is a regional coalition of local community liberty groups with members working together to achieve these core values. If you share these core values, please join with fellow patriotic Americans to promote and defend liberty in the Miami Valley. An important first step is to JOIN THE MOVEMENT by signing up for DTP emails.

The DTP is a corporation operating as a non-profit organization. This legal structure was selected because of the IRS's attempts to quell the freedom of speech of the TEA Party movement. As a corporation in Ohio, the DTP can communicate with its email members regarding liberty-focused topics of importance. Such information may involve candidates, race updates, and legislation, public policy, and ballot issues. By law we can only do this via direct means such as email and not by other public means such as Facebook and Twitter. Hence, we have established this ability for you to subscribe to our DTP email members list in order for you to receive our email messages. In addition to specific messages, you will twice weekly receive an email list of all postings on the DTP website to keep you updated on local activities.

What will be done with my information?

The DTP will not sell your information. We will take prudent measures to protect your privacy but we cannot offer any guarantees. (We use a professional email service to hold and manage your information.)

We will only share your information with our DTP local groups, nearby county and state TEA Party groups as we wish to encourage your participation in their activities. At any time, you can unsubscribe from our email list using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email. You can also contact us at the DTP email address provided with each email.

Important: Please add the daytonohioteaparty.com domain to your "safe sender" list so that you properly receive our email messages. Otherwise, these may end up in a spam folder somewhere.

Why does the DTP want you to sign up?

Please understand that the DTP is an ACTIVIST organization. We will be engaging you to become involved in politics—we will help to show you how to do this lawfully and effectively. Remember: Politics is all about WHO rules us and HOW they rule us. Like you, we want this to be done by people that share our core values and conduct themselves accordingly. We can only make this happen by being politically active. This is why the DTP exists.

Will the DTP request donations?

Yes, from time to time we will ask for donations because the DTP operates entirely on donations. The DTP has no paid staff. We are entirely operated by volunteers. We do, however, have expenses, such as insurance, that are unavoidable.

Can you volunteer?

Certainly, providing you share our core values. Please contact the DTP.
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